Wondering about tennis court dimensions?

Tennis court dimensions vary given the location and the standard of tennis club you play at. It is hugely important if you desire to improve your game to make sure your court has the right dimensions because otherwise when you play on a regular, official court then your shot distance will not match and will be out of sync with the court.

The official dimensions a court hosting a singles match should be is 78 feet long and 27 feet wide. For doubles matches the official size should be 27 feet long and 36 feet wide. There is a net that takes up the full width of the court dividing the court into two equal areas. The net must be 3 and 1/2 feet high at the posts and 3 feet high in the middle of the court to be considered in regulation. This service line must be 21 feet from the net at every point on the court.

Another very important aspect of tennis court dimensions that is overlooked in some clubs is that space is needed around the court to maximise rallies and playing time. This is because in tennis it is possible to return a shot long after it has left the court and before it bounces.

For the best information on tennis court dimensions then go to www.expert-tennis-tips.com/tennis-court-dimensions.html. They fully explain all aspects of a tennis court and the dimensions needed for an official game. Another useful resource is www.sportsknowhow.com/tennis/dimensions/tennis-court-dimensions.html and they provide a diagram that allows you to visualise what size a court should be.

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