All about tennis coaching courses?

Want to be a tennis coach but don’t know where to get started? The read on as we take you step by step through the tools you need to help others achieve their goals in this great game.

The Lawn Tennis Association

The Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) runs tennis coaching courses for all types of potential coaches. From school and club coaches to tennis development officers and tennis centre managers, the LTA will help you get to the top.

Tennis Assistants Courses

The LTA offers courses for people wishing to work as qualified assistants on the nationwide Mini Tennis and Junior Club programmes. If you want to work alongside qualified coaches either at a school or tennis club and help youngster master the games, this is the course for you. Although not a recognised coaching qualification, the Tennis Assistants Course is a vital first rung on the ladder to becoming a coach. Without first doing one of these two day tennis coaching courses, you’ll never become a tennis coach.

Development Coach Award (DCA)

The next step after becoming a Tennis Assistant is to become a DCA. This course consists of 14 days spread across five months and is tailored for coaches wishing to work with beginners and those wishing to improve their game.

The Coach Licensing Scheme

Once you have passed your DCA, you’ll need to obtain a Coaching Licence if you want to progress. With a Coach Licence you are recognised as a quality coach who the tennis-playing public can trust. It will take you three years to obtain a Coaching Licence.

Club Coach Award (CCA)

When entering the next level, candidates will be asked to make a choice between performance and development. Based on their decision they will participate in a three to four month course, which will have core elements and individual strands designed to help them fulfil their potential.

Tennis Development Award (TDA)

The TDA is a 21 day course tailored to help coaches involved with beginners develop their knowledge.

Performance Coach Award (PCA)

Without a PCA you cannot be a National Training Coach or train professional players. It may be a long rocky ride to get from coaching assistant to this point, but if you’re serious about coaching it’s well worth it.

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