Sharpen up your game with the best tennis balls

To get the best out of your game, you need the best equipment. If your tennis balls have developed bald patches to rival Andre Agassi's, and are refusing to bounce, it might be time to say new balls please.

If you pop into a local sports shop you might be surprised by how expensive tennis balls are these days. Shopping online though allows you to find some bargains.

Wilson high performance balls, as used at the US Open, are made from new extra duty, high visibility felt, to last longer whatever surface you play on. A dozen balls in 3 tubes of 4 costs just £6 from Millet Sports (milletsports.co.uk), plus £3.95 for delivery.

The Head Radical Murray balls are the plucky semi-finalists of tennis balls, suitable for all playing surfaces. The pressurised balls are ITF approved and are hard-wearing with a satisfying zip off the racquet. Sports Warehouse has them at £6.50 a dozen plus £3.95 delivery.

The Slazenger Wimbledon Ultra Hi Vis ball, like Wimbledon itself, fancies itself as a cut above the tennis riff-raff. For those rainy days so familiar at Wimbledon, the Hydroguard technology allows 70% higher water resistance than in standard balls.

These are not mere tennis balls, but are wonders of spherical engineering, with a molecular compound core guaranteeing consistent performance. The lightly woven cloth surface ensures extra durability and responsiveness, and the top secret dye provides higher visibility on court. If you think you are worthy, you can buy a shiny silver tube of 4 balls for a great discount price of £3.99 on Amazon (amazon.co.uk), with free delivery.


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