Tennis at the Australian Open

Notable Facts about the Australian Open

Tennis at the Australian Open is watched by several hundred thousand spectators, and is the most watched of the sport's Grand Slam tournaments. It was also the first Grand Slam tennis tournament to have a retractable roof. The Australian Open was known as the Australasian Championships up until 1927, when it became the Australian Championships. The event was given its current Australian Open title in 1969.

More Attractive to Current Tennis Stars

Now most of the best tennis players in the world play at the Australian Open. This wasn't always the case, due to the travelling involved and inferior prize money compared to other major tournaments. For instance, tennis superstar Bjorn Borg only made one appearance as a player at the tournament. In the early 1980s more stars started to appear on a regular basis, and one, Swede Mats Wilander, is the only player to have won the event on grass and hard courts. Tennis at the Australian Open was played on a hard court for the first time in 1988.

Most Successful Players

Australian Roy Emerson has so far been the mo st successful player at the Australian Open and won the singles title 6 times, including 5 times in succession. Fellow Australian Margaret Court was an Australian Open tennis champion an incredible 10 times. Adrian Quist, another Australian, was involved in winning 10 men's doubles titles, and Australian Thelma Coyne Long won 12 women's doubles over a 22 year period. She also won a record-equalling 4 mixed doubles titles.

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