Where to find teenage golf clubs

If you're not very familiar with golfing and you're faced with the task of finding a set of teenage golf clubs, you may find yourself more than just a little confused! Most of the biggest manufacturers of golf equipment cater for kids and teenagers, so how do you know which clubs to use? The key consideration is the age of your child. If he or she is under the age of ten you should opt for 'junior' golf sets. Anyone over that age can use adult golf clubs. So, in other words, if you're looking for teenage golf clubs just head on over to the adult section and Presto!

Let's look at some of the online retailers that offer some incredible deals on golf clubs? One of our first stops and golfing favorites is direct-golf.co.uk. This site stocks it all and if you can name it, chances are that they have it. Heading over to the clearance zone will give you access to massive discounts, and the Adams Gold Puglielli Forged Wedge can be yours for only £69.99! This wedge usually sells for around £130.00, so hurry to get yours while it's still in stock.

If you're looking for golf clubs for a child under the age of ten, juniorgolf.co.uk is the place to go. Other sites also sell junior clubs, but this one specializes in kids golfing equipment. You'll find it all here: junior golf clubs, drivers, woods, and hybrids, as well irons and putters. There's also clothing, trolleys, shoes and bags. One of the best deals on the site is the Woodworm Zoom Junior package set for only £59.99. This item sold for £99.99 previously, so if you're a parent on a budget this is a great buy. If you spend over £50.00 you also get free delivery, so that's another incentive to take your shopping online with juniorgolf.co.uk!

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