Tedious mud-slinging

We’ve already had to deal with one week of bitter fighting between Real Madrid and Barcelona, now we’re going to gear ourselves up for more of the same, as José Mourinho’s boys go to the Camp Nou with little more than a wing and a prayer.

The poison created by the previous match won’t go away either, as Madrid have accused Barca’s Sergio Busquets of racially abusing their winger Marcelo. They claim that he called him a ‘monkey’, something that Barca have more or less conceded through Pep Guardiola’s admission that Busquets made a ‘mistake’. Understandably Madrid are extremely upset at the lack of sanction from Uefa, who they claim punished them for doing something that’s not against the rules – key players seeking out yellow cards to make sure they start the knock-out stages with a clean slate.

‘After today's resolution the game itself drops to a secondary issue,’ he said. ‘(Uefa is) an organisation which talks about principles like respect and fair play and yet nothing has happened.

‘We have seen the images which have been round the world, including a player making racist insults and covering his mouth to try to make it so that you can't see it. But he will be on the pitch, along with others. Other players who have done nothing wrong won't be. That is the most important thing today. The football is not.

‘A few months ago we were sanctioned for something that is not in the Uefa rule book. Now they are not sanctioning things that are in the rule book. It's not a case of feeling unprotected but once again there seems to be different measures (for different teams). Our position is the one that we made clear in our complaint to Uefa. What Mourinho said (after the first leg) was what anyone who had been in the stadium or watching the game on television would have said. This isn't an accusation against Uefa. I'm saying what's in the regulations and what isn't. These are provable and objective things.’

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