Tendulkar finally seals the century of centuries

India’s favourite batsman Sachin Tendulkar at last has his century of centuries. He has kept a nation on tenterhooks for over a year since his 99th century, waiting for the unprecedented achievement. At times there were fears that Tendulkar would end his India career on 99.

The 100th hundred came in Dhaka in an Asian Cup match against Bangladesh. When he raised his arms to celebrate, it was almost out of relief rather than triumph. The Bangladeshi fielders were among the first to congratulate the batsman.

"It was a tough phase for me," Tendulkar said about the long wait. "Especially tough when you know that I started off this season batting reasonably well. Wherever I went, to restaurants, the house-keeping, the room service, whoever I met just spoke about the 100th hundred. It became a little difficult mentally, because I am not playing only for my 100th hundred. The 99 hundreds that I scored, nobody spoke about them. Everyone had their opinion but eventually I have got to do what is important for the team."

Tendulkar, known as the Little Master in India, now has 51 Test centuries and 49 centuries in one-day matches. He struggled through most of 2011, failing to find a century on India's tour of England, in the home series against West Indies and on the tour of Australia. "Doesn't matter how many hundreds you score, you still have to put your head down, grind it out and do the job for the team," he said. "It hasn't sunk in but I have definitely lost about 50 kilos."

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