Taylor and Greene set for Olympic grudge match

Olympic champion hurdler Angelo Taylor and world champion Dai Greene are cranking up the rivalry a few months ahead of their Olympic showdown in London. Taylor has taken exception to what he calls the Welshman’s "trash-talking".

Greene has been critical of some American athletes, notably 400 metre runner LaShawn Merritt who has returned to athletics after serving a 21-month ban for steroid use. Greene said that if he encounters Merritt in London, he will tell him, "You are a cheat and you shouldn't be here."

Taylor responded to Greene reportedly describing the American hurdlers as "overrated". "We have pretty much dominated the 400m hurdles over the years," he pointed out. "Last year was a bad one, but we pretty much own the 400m hurdles. Last year was one of those years. I was injured, Bershawn was injured, Kerron Clement was injured. It's different in Olympic year."

Bershawn Jackson offered scorn for Greene’s winning time in the world championships in Daegu. "You're talking about a guy who won the worlds in 48.2sec. He wrote a cheque that he can't cash," Jackson said, although he himself was well down the track behind Greene in that race.

Taylor concurred. "Times are going to be much quicker this year than last," the American said. "I know it will be a very fast race. 48.2sec or whatever he ran, that was very slow to win a world championship. I've been to a few Olympic Games and 47-mid, 47-low, has always won the Olympic Games. This year it might take 46."

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