Take off

You just can’t please some people. Ronnie O’Sullivan put on a world-class display of snooker this afternoon to beat the dangerous and in-form Mark Williams 13-10 and go into the quarter finals of the World Championships. But despite wizardry around the table, which drew plaudits from just about everyone – including his opponent – The Rocket still isn’t happy with the way he played.

‘I managed to put a few decent frames together for a change,’ O'Sullivan said, annoying anyone who has picked up a cue. ‘I knew I needed to find form but out of panic and desperation I got the cue through to pot a few balls and find a bit of form. It was nice to come through a tough match against a quality player.

‘There are times where I am awful in practice, I can't pot a ball but out of desperation on the match table, I am pulling it off. I don't think my game is suited to winning this title.’

‘What can you do? You have to sit there and say, ‘Well done’,’ said Williams, who had a slightly different view of Ronnie’s performance. ‘Everything about his game is spot on. The only person who can beat him in this World Championship is himself. You've got to take your hat off to him. Some of the clearances and shots he was pulling off was outstanding.’

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