Take a break from the footie

There’s one place only for sports fans to be this Saturday.

Yes, get out to the Thames near Hammersmith in the early evening drizzle, and stand there freezing your buttocks off waiting for a ten second glimpse of some guys in a boat.

It’s that time of year again: the great Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race. Our top university rowers battle it out to be the best of two teams, then go and dip their cox in the water.

Cambridge won last year, but Oxford are the 2008 favourites, with a heavier crew and… sorry, we lost the thread there. Got distracted watching some paint dry.

Even people who went to Oxbridge don’t actually care. Why this nonsense occupies two hours of Saturday TV time we will never understand. But, like the Queen, the food and the weather, it’s one of our unfortunate but inescapable British traditions.

So give it a try. At least it’s a break from the football. There’s only so much of Michael Owen’s cheery little face we can take.

(Image: from wit’s flickr stream)

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