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  • Some agents are difficult

    Some agents are difficult

    Which agents would they be then, Sir Alex?

  • Rooney's volte-face

    Rooney's volte-face

    The England striker does a mad about turn and signs a five-year contract with Manchester United

  • 'If you go to City you're dead'

    'If you go to City you're dead'

    A group of Manchester United fans make their feelings about his transfer to Manchester City known in chilling fashion

  • He's off

    He's off

    Wayne Rooney officially becomes a wantaway striker after Alex Ferguson admits he wants to leave

  • City bound?

    City bound?

    Is Wayne Rooney really about to sign for Manchester City?

  • Rooney to leave Manchester United?

    Rooney to leave Manchester United?

    Press reports suggest that there is a rift between Wayne Rooney and Alex Ferguson that won't be fixed, and that he's off to Real Madrid in January

  • Fighting fit

    Fighting fit

    Does Wayne Rooney's public admission that he's had no ankle problems all season indicate a rift with Alex Ferguson?

  • I was right

    I was right

    Alex Ferguson changed the habit of a liftime, my admittign he was right not to start Wayne Rooney at the weekend

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