Where to buy tag rugby belts

Tag rugby has increased in popularity in recent years, with young people and those who are still young at heart getting into this active sport. As with other sports, tag rugby requires various kit, including a tag rugby belt.

What is a tag rugby belt?

For those who are completely new to the sport, a tag rugby belt is worn by players and has two coloured tags (ribbons) which are attached by velcro. Worn around the waist with on ribbon on each side, a tag is made when a player pulls off one of the ribbons and shouts out 'tag.'

Where to buy tag rugby belts

Tag rugby belts can be purchased at most major sports retailers, both on the High Street and on the internet. If you start training with a local tag rugby team, it is likely that there will be tag rugby belts provided. These may be included in training costs or be sponsored, in addition to other pieces of kit by local companies. There are different sized tag rugby belts available for adults and young people. The Tag Rugby UK store offers plenty of information on tag rugby belts and other necessary equipment.

Save Money on Tag Rugby Belts

It is always worth looking out for cheaper sports equipment, such as tag rugby belts, at discount sports shops, clearance stores, retail outlets and online. Second hand tag rugby belts may be purchased on sites such as Amazon and eBay, helping reduce the cost of kit. Further examples of where to get hold of more affordable tag rugby belts, include as follows: Mark Smart, MCSport, Sports Direct and Supa Price UK.

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