Top Table Tennis Tips


Any table tennis player needs to feel comfortable with the bat that they are using. Bats vary in ease of use, and a beginner should use a simple bat that allows them to make simple returns. Once a player is comfortable at handling a table tennis bat, and can serve and strike the ball comfortably, then they should consider bats that are suitable for hitting the ball both harder and with more spin.


Among the number of table tennis tips that should be followed, and will enhance a player's game, few will be as important as having a good serve. Changing the pace, length, and level of spin imparted on the ball will all help to make things difficult for an opponent. A serve that is predictable will limit its effectiveness.


A table tennis player needs to be positive in their approach. A player who constantly attacks will have a psychological affect on an opponent. A timid approach will give an opponent the impression of a lack of confidence, and will consequently improve his or her own.


One of the most important of a number of table tennis tips, that is key to helping a player find success, is the need to be versatile. A table tennis player should be equally good with both their forehand and backhand, and should also be equally good at playing shots with both their left and right hand. A player should always use practise to work at improving any weak aspects of their game.

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