Understanding table tennis rules

Table tennis or ping pong is a great game to be played both competitively or just socially with your friends. In this two player game, the table tennis rules state that total required to win a game is 11 points and it must be achieved by a margin of two points. If for instance the score is 10-10, the player must reach at least 12 points to ensure a two point deficit over the opposing player.

We recommend that to commence a game, a coin toss decided who will serve first. Each player has two serves each and the ball must touch each side of the net once in the service. If the ball hits the net during the serve, a point is awarded to the non serving player.

Like in tennis, if the ball bounces twice without being returned, a point is awarded to the player who played the shot, if in open play the ball hits the net and still manages to fall over to the opposite side without being returned, a point is also awarded to the shot maker.

These are the basics rules of table tennis, but if you are looking for more specific instructions then you are urged to visit ittf.com/ittf_handbook which is the official organisation and will inform you of any other rule you may be seeking.

As you progress, you may feel interested in developing your shot play and there are tons of skilful serves and spin shots than can be developed with perseverance and practice. With these shots introduced into your game, it is sure to give you an edge over your opponent and give you an added dimension to your game.

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