Looking for table tennis gear?

Did you know that table tennis originated in Britain back in the 1880s, when it was known as wiff-waff? It was originally played with books and a golf ball, but these were soon replaced by rackets and 2.7 gramme ball. It is now a huge sport and has been an Olympic event since 1988. If you want to give table tennis a try, all you need is a table, rackets and a ball. Here are a couple of good places to look...

eBay is a great place to find everything you need for table tennis - but just remember to watch out for high delivery charges. Because the tables are quite big and heavy, most sellers will only allow pick up, or may charge a small fortune to deliver. Even still, you could find a good table here for a fraction of the price of those found in retail stores. There is also an enormous range of low-cost rackets, balls and accessories.

table-tennis-tables.co.uk is another good site to use. They have quite a large selection of tables to suit most needs, including indoor tables, outdoor tables, concrete tables and table top tables. You'll also find many table tennis accessories and rackets. Prices are reasonable - they sell table top tables for around £60 and indoor tables ranging from £140 to £1000. Outdoor tables range from £299 to £1,000 and concrete tables range from £2,699 to £3,499.

tabletennispro.co.uk has lots and lots of accessories and reasonably priced tables. Their table top tables start at £59.99, their indoor tables start at £199.95 and go up to £999.95, and their outdoor tables are between £289.95 and £1,099.95. Concrete tables range from £2,799.95 to £3,199.95.


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