Swiss roll over Chelsea in Champions League

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It might be a little early to talk of Chelsea being in crisis, but fans of the club must be concerned. A Premier League defeat by Everton was followed up by an inexplicable home defeat in the Champions League against Basel. The second coming of Jose Mourinho was not supposed to be like this.

Chelsea, with a couple of European trophies to their name in the last two seasons, should have been comfortable against the Swiss. Oscar's goal just before half-time seemed to have settled their initial uncertainty but Basel came back strongly and scored twice in the last quarter of the match.

A dismayed Mourinho questioned the maturity of his players after the match, wondering if they had the capabilities to cope with setbacks. "I think the team probably is not a team with such maturity and personality to face the difficult moments of the game," the manager said.

He pointed out that the players had become despondent after falling behind against Everton and Basel. "Against Everton we played amazingly and they scored in the last second of the half and, after that, you could feel the team was struggling despite dominating the game. This was a bit the same. When the first negative moment arrived – the equaliser – the team shakes a little bit."

Chelsea's embarrassment was compounded by the fact that the other English teams in the Champions League, Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City, all enjoyed comfortable victories.

Many observers tipped Chelsea for the Premier League title at the start of the season. That seems far-fetched at present. Mourinho will ask his players to get back to basics: "Work hard, believe in what you are doing, believe in each other, be critical inside to try and resolve things inside our group, stick together and try and get a result against Fulham on Saturday that wakes up the team for a smile."

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