Swine flu? Run it off

Blackburn Rovers have confirmed that despite there having been an outbreak of swine flu among the team, their Carling Cup tie against Peterborough will be going ahead tomorrow night. So that’s the swathes of neutrals lined up to watch that one placated.

Chris Samba and David Dunn missed Rover's 5-0 hammering against Chelsea on Saturday because of the illness, and some of the others in the squad are showing similar symptons, but the Lancashire club have said the match is being played.

‘There has been speculation in the national media following confirmation of sickness within the camp, but we can reassure all supporters that the tie will go ahead as planned,’ said Blackburn’s secretary Andrew Pincher.

‘A couple of the other lads who were playing against Chelsea have that virus or we think they are coming down with it,’ said manager Sam Allardyce. ‘We will hopefully get them back next week, when we have to go to Old Trafford. But it is one of those viruses that can see you out for up to six days so we'll have to see.’

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