Swimming lessons for children in the UK

There are many options for swimming lessons for children in the UK. It is a very useful skill for a child to learn early in his/her development. It is a skill they will have for life and it is as easy as learning to walk when a child is in early development.

There are many places that offer swimming classes for children throughout the UK. One of the best is Puddle Ducks. They have classes across the UK and you can find the class nearest to you by visiting puddleducks.com.

They promote fun and enjoyment in the water and many of their children are able to swim 10m unaided by the time they start school. There are only 9 per class, which gives greater instructor training. Parents are required to attend the classes, until the child can swim unaided and each class lasts 30 minutes.

Floating sets or arm bands are not used in their classes, as they feel that this can promote dependency and prevent the child from feeling his/her own buoyancy in the water.

If there are no classes with you, it is a good idea to contact your local swimming pool. The majority of swimming pools in the UK run classes to learn how to swim for both children and adults. This would cut down on any travelling involved and the costs are very reasonable.

Alternatively, you can teach your child to swim by yourself. There are many sites where you can find useful information, such as at uswim.com. This site provides free online swim lessons.

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