Why not join your local swimming club?

We know that it's far easier to say you're going to get out there and get regular exercise than it actually is to do it in reality, but that doesn't necessarily mean that it's any excuse. With so many different facilities available out there right now, you really should be able to find the time in your day for at least a little exercise that doesn't involve walking to the fridge!

One thing that we will recommend is joining your local swimming club. Swimming is widely recognised as one of the best exercises that anyone can do thanks to the fact that it works all the muscles of the body almost simultaneously.

If you're one of the many people out there who never actually learned how to swim, you might be surprised just how quickly you tend to pick it up. This is especially true if you learned as a child but have since become a little bit rusty.

By calling into your local swimming pool you should be able to enquire about whether or not there is a swimming club in your area. For the most part, anywhere with a decent sized swimming pool will often have more than one swimming club, so it will be up to you to get all the information and to find out which one is the right one for your skill level.

You need to remember that just because you join a swim club doesn't mean that you have to try to swim competitively; it should initially be about the camaraderie and enjoyment of swimming with orders. You can worry about the other stuff down the line!

You can find out plenty about swimming in the United Kingdom by checking out the government run swimming.org which has plenty of information on where to find your local pool and how to join a club.

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