Swimmers hit by stomach bug

As many as 15 swimmers have caught a stomach bug that could have been caused by the water in the swimming pools at the Commonwealth Games.

Team doctors have said that 20% of England’s swimming team have an upset stomach, while Australia have reported at least six sick, including Andrew Lauterstein, who pulled out of the 50m butterfly on Wednesday because of the bug. Tests are being conducted on the main and warm-up pools

‘I would not like to speculate about this immediately,’ said Mike Fennel, The Commonwealth Games Federation president. ‘If there is something unsafe, you cannot swim in that water. It is a matter we have to deal with a great deal of urgency.’

England’s team spokesman Caroline Searle sad that between seven and 10 percent of the country’s delegation, which numbers 541 people, has been hit by a ‘mild 24-hour stomach condition’ which was ‘lower than we anticipated. Separately we have asked for reassurances as to the water quality at the aquatics venue. We're not complacent and continue to reinforce the need to be vigilant in areas like hand hygiene.’

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