Sven-Goran Eriksson: Sol let me down

Sven-Goran Eriksson has admitted that he feels let down by Sol Campbell after the former England defender walked out on Notts County after just one game for the League Two club. Campbell has left the club despite having signed a five-year £40,000-per-week contract which was set to see him earn £10m over five years.

"I'm very disappointed, very much so," Eriksson told reporters. "We signed him and thought we'd have him for a long time. I think everyone has the same feeling, the players, the coaching staff, the directors, the fans, because he's not only a big man, he's a big football name and a very important player."

According to a number of reports, Campbell was not impressed with the club's facilities and the uncertainty over future investment in the club. "The reason? I really don't know," Eriksson said. "He didn't like the training pitch or the dressing room. He knew that before because we showed him around before he signed."

"We know we are not perfect at this moment but it's a long project and that project goes on without Sol Campbell. Since the new owners came in the club have signed seven or eight new players, and you can't build a new training ground in four or five weeks."

Eriksson, Notts County's director of football, has rejected suggestions that he will follow the former England defender out of the League Two club: "We are all sorry that he has gone but the project is the same, nothing has changed," he said. "I am not leaving."

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