Sven and Hutchings: different gripes

Sven is in the press today. He’s griping about not being able to accommodate more of his players on the bench. The suave Swede is calling for managers to be able to name seven subs for each game instead of five. Apparently, so says Sven, it would allow him – and other Premier League managers faced with the same problem – to placate more members of their enormous star-studded squads. Not to use more players, you understand, but simply to encourage peripheral players to think they may one day get a game.

You can see why he’s known as a canny man-manager.

Meanwhile Chris Hutchings has a true gripe – he’s been sacked. It was inevitable, really. He’s one of those painfully honest and desperately hard-working managers whose best simply wasn’t good enough. That and the fact he hadn’t garnered a single point from the side’s last six games. Shame, really. I expect the Wigan board will appoint someone eminently more media-savvy and expensive soon. All the best, Chris.

Should Wigan have stuck by Hutchings? Has Sven got a point? Let us know.

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