Super Saturday didn’t work

This weekend, the Wales game was a scintillating contest – all mercurial running and outstanding finishing. Is it fair to say Shayne Williams is just about the most exciting player in world rugby at the moment? Too right, it is. Brian Habana, who’s he?

Then the Irish set about roguishly putting Scotland to the sword – the Scots valiantly fighting to the death. Again, some glimpses of great rugby and five great tries from the smiling Irish.

Then it was dinner and time to settle down to watch England grind the French into the dirt. Do you know what? We couldn’t bring ourselves to watch it. We were over-rugbyed by this point. We’d had too much. So, Six Nations tournament organisers, no more Super Saturdays – the brain can’t take it. And, if you do have to have another one, put the B-match on first, eh?

(Image: from cmakin’s flickr stream)

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