What to expect from the summer Olympics in 2012 London

The summer Olympics in 2012 in London, is going to be the biggest sporting event the UK has ever hosted, and with less than a year to go excitement is building throughout the country.

The opening ceremony is going the begin on 27th July 2012, and will be a huge event. It will be the beginning of the 16 day tournament (although some events take place outside of these days), and a time when the whole world will be focusing its attention on the UK.

It is a time where more than ever, people who do not ordinarily follow sport on a regular basis will be getting involved and supporting their nation's teams.

It involves a huge amount of support and organisation by members of the public and those who will be involved in the hosting venues, and in hosting all of the tourists.

The Sports

The Games will feature 26 sports, which break down into 36 divisions.

The most popular of these include: badminton, boxing, cycling, diving, gymnastics, rowing, swimming, and table tennis.

For many though, the iconic Olympic events are the athletics events. These have always attracted huge numbers of world wide audiences, and are the most watched television event of the Olympic Games.

The brand new Olympic Stadium in London will host the athletics events, and will also be the stage of the opening ceremony.

Not all of the events will actually take place in London itself though, as other sporting venues will be used to support the games. These are spread out as far as Manchester, Scotland, Cardiff, Weymouth and Newcastle.

This means it will be easier for those living outside of the capital to get involved directly.

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