Suarez is victimised says Rodgers

Luis Suárez has never been the most popular Premier League player since joining Liverpool. His embarrassing dive against Stoke City has done little to endear him to English fans.

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers felt compelled to speak out in support of his star player after the Stoke manager Tony Pulis called for the Uruguayan striker to be banned for simulation.

"I find it incredible that in nearly all the coverage about Luis Suárez this weekend, very little focus has been placed on the fact that he was actually the victim of a stamping incident within the first five minutes of the game," Rodgers said, referring to an incident in which Stoke defender Robert Huth appeared to stand on Suárez. The Liverpool manager wanted that to be addressed rather than the forward’s subsequent antics.

"At this moment there seems to be one set of rules for Luis and another set for everyone else," Rodgers added. "Diving and simulation is obviously a wider issue in football and one that we all agree has to be eradicated from our game but there were other incidents this weekend that didn't seem to generate the same coverage."

Suárez, as the focus of Liverpool’s attack, has been involved in numerous penalty area incidents already this season, and at times it has seemed that his reputation has made referees reluctant to award him a penalty. "I believe some people need to develop a sense of perspective," Rodgers said, obviously directing his remarks at Pulis, "and I also believe in this moment the vilification of Luis is both wrong and unfair."

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