Styles to apologise to Bolton for penalty mistake

Who would be a referee? Players abuse you, fans accuse you of onanism and TV pundits meticulously analyse your every decision. It's a no win situation.

Now referee Rob Styles is set to send an apology to Bolton Wanderers for the non-existant penalty that he awarded to Manchester United at Old Trafford.

The whistleblower gave United a spot-kick for Jlloyd Samuel’s perfectly timed challenge on Cristiano Ronaldo on Saturday. It’s not the first time that Styles has had to send out an apology letter.

Last year he gave Chelsea a crucial penalty for a collision between Steve Finnan and Florent Malouda and was subsequently dropped. Styles has been criticised for not explaining his decision after the Saturday's game, but it's against PGMOL guidelines for refs to speak to the media.

Seriously though, who the hell would want to be a referee?

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