Stuart Broad fires up England

After whitewashing India in the Test series, England are now taking them on in another form of cricket that they're supposedly the world's best at: Twenty20.

England take on India at Old Trafford in a one-off international, and with the Indian Premier League going such great guns, it is expected that India will win. However Stuart Broad has said that England don't need to be overawed by their opponents or their glamorous league, especially given that they're the one-day world champs.

'We have players coming into the side who might have seen IPL on TV and they might build something up in their mind that might not be there,' he said. 'Yes, it is important we do our research on India but, if we get our individual skills right, we have the talent to go a long way. It's two talented sides against each other – the 50-over world champions against the Twenty20 world champions.

'I try to catch as much Twenty20 as I can, although most of it is on TV. It's always going to be a huge challenge for any player coming out of county cricket but there are some exciting talents coming out of that tournament so it's hard to say it's not working. You get to see how people play with calmness and I think that's vital in international Twenty20 cricket. What shone about a player like Jos Buttler is that he can calmly flick a ball above the keeper's head and then next ball calmly hit it straight, 20 rows back. These guys have confidence to play their own games in domestic cricket and do it very well.'

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