Strike breakers

The Scottish FA has announced that they have found a solution to their refereeing crisis – fly in a load of scabs from abroad to fulfil the fixtures.

Scottish football has been rocked by the news that the country’s top officials were striking this weekend, meaning that many fixtures would not be played, but the SFA has claimed that they have found refs willing to cross the white picket line in order to get the matches played. This despite refs from Iceland, Norway, Wales and Sweden saying that they’d not help them out. So where are they coming in from?

‘The Scottish FA can confirm that agreement has been reached with several European national associations to ensure matches in the Premier League and the Alba (Challenge) Cup final will be covered this weekend,’ read a statement. ‘Negotiations are continuing with other national associations to help ensure that some, if not all, matches in the Scottish Football League go ahead as normal.

‘Clubs will be informed by 3pm today whether their matches will go ahead or not in light of the Scottish category-one referees electing to persist with their withdrawal of labour.’

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