Stream live rugby: want to watch the World Cup online?

Rugby fans the world over are getting ready for the Rugby world cup, and the excitement is palpable! So, if you're looking for sites that stream live rugby, chances are you're hoping to watch the world cup online. If someone told you you could watch all the games, as they happen, would you believe them? If so, how much would you be willing to pay for the privilege? You may find that it's more affordable than you think! Let's see where to go and how much you'll have to fork out to watch it all, live.

http://www.watchliverugbyworldcup.com/ is a must visit site if you're serious about watching rugby, and the great thing is that regardless of who is playing, it's covered here. Even the South African Currie Cup matches are streamed via this site! If you have a closer look at the schedule, you'll see all the World Cup matches for September as well.

Some of these include New Zealand versus Tonga on the 9th of September, four matches on the 10th of September, 3 matches on the 11th of September, and so on. The list is exhaustive, because any match you can think of is covered here, and this includes the Top14 Orange, the Rabo Direct PRO12, Aviva Premiership, the Currie Cup and many more!

The next thing you might ask yourself is how much this site would charge for access to all these games as they happen. The good news is that a 1 year membership will cost you less than a night out on the town! For only £19.95, you're able to watch a full year's worth of rugby, and you won't have to miss a single game. Want even more bang for your buck? No problem! The site gives you access to all the other sports it covers for this yearly membership, and you're able to watch tennis, golf, soccer, baseball, and much more! This is not only great value, but great entertainment as well.

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