Stratford Hotspur??

Tottenham’s plans to move the club to a new stadium on the site of the Olympic Park in Stratford may come at a cost of local MP David Lammy has his way: they might have to give up their name.

Lammy an MP in Tottenham and a intellectual property minister from the last Labour government, has said he will take legal action to force the club to leave the name Tottenham behind should they move from north to east London, and even compared it to what happened to Wimbledon when they were moved from London to Milton Keynes.

‘Tottenham Hotspur was set up by a bunch of young people at All Hallows church in Tottenham 120 years ago,' said Lammy. 'In the event that the current owners of Spurs take the club to Stratford, a new club will emerge. This is no different from the situation that emerged with MK Dons and AFC Wimbledon.

‘Locally I will work with any new team, with the local authority, to ensure we retain the name Tottenham. They will have to take on a different name if they are to leave. I will protect the interests of Tottenham people in ensuring we don't have a club on the other side of London called Tottenham Hotspur that does not reflect at all the interests of the local community as it stands today.’

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