Stop your pitching

The Wembley pitch has been heavily criticised following the two FA Cup semi finals it hosted over the weekend. Ordinarily after a defeat you just tune out to Arsene Wenger and Alex Ferguson's whining, but when winning manager David Moyes complains, you know something's up.

'I thought it looked very spongy and a poor playing surface,' said Moyes of a pitch that has already been blamed for injuries suffered to Australian rugby league internationals. 'Not in a way that it was all bobbles and divots but it just looked as if it was very soft, spongy and quite slow at times.'

'I don't think we lost because of the pitch,' said Wenger. 'But it is really embarrassing. When you see how much this stadium has cost and you still can't get a proper football pitch. Somebody must give an explanation.'

'When I saw the pitch what I didn't want was to go into extra time with my strongest squad,' added Ferguson. 'They've got all these lights around the perimeter to help the growth and the standard of the soil but it looks dead to me.'

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