Stoke lose Lawrence in dog accident

Newly promoted Stoke City will be without midfielder Liam Lawrence for this weekend’s game with Portsmouth after he tripped over his pet dog and injured his ankle.

Sounding like something out of Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em rather than a footballing injury, the former Sunderland winger damaged his ankle trying to step over his canine companion.

Lawrence is not the only footballer to be cut down in his prime by man’s best friend. Brentford goalie Chic Brodie suffered a career ending injury in 1970 when he collided with a rogue sheepdog on the pitch.

While Dave Beasant and Santiago Canizares both severed tendons with bottles of sour cream and aftershave respectively, the most bizarre football injury has to be that of Norway’s Svein Grondalen. The defender had to cry off international duty after being hit by a moose.

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