Stoke City Wembley tickets for FA Cup Final

Stoke City Wembley tickets for the FA Cup final are in high demand as it's Stoke's first ever appearance in an FA Cup final. Their opponents are Manchester City, a team in which hundreds of millions have been spent in the last couple of seasons in search of silverware.

Season ticket holders with Stoke City get first preference on all tickets for the FA Cup final. They can do this in three ways:

  • They can buy them in person at the Britannia Stadium (Stoke City's home ground)
  • They can purchase them by phoning 01159051213
  • Or they can buy them through the club's website by credit card. The club's website can be found at stokecityfc.com

The club received an allocation of 32,047 tickets. They have set up 20 sales points at the 1,863 lounge in the Britannia Stadium. Anyone hoping to buy a ticket will receive a numbered card on arrival and will be called up in groups in order to purchase their ticket.

Wembley have allocated Stoke an extra 2,300 tickets, on top of the original allocation to both clubs. Stoke were handed the additional tickets from local clubs and representatives nationwide. They received the tickets instead of Manchester City because the unclaimed seats are adjoining their end of Wembley on the day. Season ticket holders will be given priority for these tickets also, and then those who have made the commitment to buy a season ticket for next season, followed by the general public.

The FA Cup final promises to be a momentous day for both clubs involved. So get your ticket today!

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