Steyn ready to intimidate England

South African fast bowler Dale Steyn has warned England that his side has ambitions to take the title of number one Test side in the world. Ahead of the series against England, Steyn believes South Africa are capable of superseding them in the rankings.

"We've come here to win the series and if we do that we become number one," he said. "I also think that if the Proteas are the number one Test team in the world, then it inspires people back in our country to want to play cricket."

He already believes that South Africa are better than England, but wants the statistical evidence. "I think we've got all the players, we cover all our bases. Is there something wrong with me thinking we're the best team in the world?"

It would take courage to contradict him. Steyn has developed a menacing image on the field of play, where he is one of a handful of fast bowlers that the top players fear. "I am a fast bowler and with that comes the responsibility of saying a word or two and getting in a guy's face," he said. "It can not only send shivers down the opposition's spine but it gets your team up and bouncing around. Fast bowlers also make things happen when the game has gone quiet."

Steyn has been ranked the world’s best bowler for three years, but he has never yet managed to bring his best form to a series against England. If he can change that, South Africa may prevail.

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