Step up or step off

Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson has said that he will risk not receiving any money at all for Javier Mascherano rather than take a fee that he and the club don’t feel is the player’s true value.

New Internazionale boss Rafael Benitez has made it quite plain that he wants his former Liverpool charge with him in Milan, but the clubs cannot agree a fee. And with the Reds refusing to let the Argentine go for cheap, that means, according to The Guardian, he could end up going for a free when his contract runs out in 2012

‘We want an offer that meets what we think is his value, and Javier is perfectly happy with this,’ said the Liverpool boss. ‘He doesn't expect the club to just let him walk out of here. He hopes that a club comes in where he could be reunited with his family, which is the major problem for him, that offers us what he is worth and we accept that. But he has also made it clear that he doesn't regard it as a hardship to play for Liverpool football club. In fact, the reverse. It's because of a family matter he wants to go.

‘I'm very happy he remains with us because, in an ideal world, if it was simply a situation of would we be prepared to listen to offers for Mascherano, I would say 'no.' I don't care what money is offered. It's only a promise that was made a year ago that lingers over my head, which means I am even prepared to go as far as this.’

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