Steady Hustlin'

So the other day we said that while it was all very nice an good that Steve Davis had won his first round match at the crucible, becoming the oldest person to win a match their in the last two decades, he was most likely going to be crushed like a paper cup by current world champion and number one John Higgins, sending Davis back to his seat next to permanently chirpy scouser John Parrot and Hazel ‘you’re not quite sure if you would or not’ Irvine.

However, the Nugget has completely ruined our prediction, and laughed at the gods of ageing, whoever they might be, by giving Higgins a damn good bottom spanking in the first session, 6-2. It included Davis’ first century break this season, and an overall performance that belied his part-time status and 52 years of age. Higgins for his part played extremely poorly, perhaps thinking that it would be as easy a win as we predicted, and now face an uphill battle to beat the six-time world champion.

Just as well then, that we’re more than happy to eat our words when it comes to Steve Davis, who is everyone’s favourite Tory. Go on, Romford Slim, pot those balls baby. Oh yeah.

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