Standing Ade-by-you

Mark Hughes has lent his support to striker Emmanuel Adebayor after the controversy that surrounded his behaviour during Manchester City’s match with Arsenal at the weekend.

City won 4-2, partly thanks to the display of the Togon forward, who scored one and battered the Arsenal defence for the whole game, but his stamp on the head of Robin van Persie and celebration in front of the Arsenal fans after his goal overshadowed the display. However, City boss Hughes has decided to stand by his man.

‘Emmanuel Adebayor sustained a tremendous amount of personal abuse from the kick-off but strongly maintains that there was no malice intended in the challenge on Robin van Persie and apologised to him when he hugged him on leaving the field of play at the end of the game,’ said Hughes in a statement on Man City’s website.

‘The referee had a great view of the challenge from Ade and the one that preceded it by Van Persie and deemed at the time that neither were worthy of either a yellow or red card.

‘We expect high standards of behaviour from our players and it is easy in the cold light of day, when the adrenaline has died down, to talk about what players should and shouldn't do in that situation. Ade again immediately apologised but we know the FA will be reviewing the matter.’

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