Spurs close in on Bentley

Spurs are closing in on England winger David Bentley following the sale of Robbie Keane to Liverpool for £20.3m. Blackburn Rovers have confirmed that they are in negotiations with the London club over a possible deal for the 23-year-old former Arsenal player.

Rovers have already rejected two separate offers for Bentley, from Aston Villa and Spurs, after neither club was willing to meet the player's £17m price tag. But with Keane having been sold and Dimitar Berbatov looking Manchester bound, Spurs now have the funds to meet Blackburn's asking price.

Despite signing a contract extension last year, and kissing the Blackburn badge on his shirt so many times that it left a hole, Bentley has made it clear that he wants to leave Ewood Park as his priority is to play in the Champions League. Why Spurs then you ask? Boom! Boom! Just kidding, but if the deal does go through, Bentley will be hoping that Tottenham can finally shake off their tag of perennial Premier League underachievers and challenge for a place in the top four.

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