Play Sports Guru rugby games for free

Knowledge and expertise at rugby used to be decided by who could argue longest and loudest in the pub. There's now a rather more scientific way of differentiating the experts from the novices. Sports guru rugby prediction games make you put your reputation on the line, online.

The Sport Guru site (www.sportguru.co.uk) has regular free rugby prediction games, with the Rugby World Cup game starting in August 2011, followed by the Aviva Premiership game later in the year.

Taking part is simple. Just register at the site to join in the fun. The game consists of predicting the winners and scores of matches taking place that day. The more accurate your predictions the more points you accumulate.

Give the game an additional edge by taking on your friends. You just have to set up a free pool, invite friends or work colleagues to join in, and every match will take on an extra edge of competition. Watching matches live on TV, you'll find yourself urging on teams to get that extra try, or miss the conversion, just so your score prediction can be spot-on.

At the end of a tournament, one player will emerge as the statistically-proven expert, ready to crow over their friends, perform a triumphant haka, and perhaps to be taken a little more seriously the next time they start expanding on Scotland's deficiencies at the line-out or England's lack of flair.

Unlike many online fantasy sports competitions, where you have to spend a lot of time picking teams, adjusting your line-ups and the like, sports guru rugby takes just a couple of minutes a day to make your predictions. Or you could spend hours agonising over the likely outcome of each match, but that's up to you.


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