We take a look at sports events tickets

Whether you are a fan of major national and international sports such as snooker, rugby or football or a fan of one of the more unusual spectator sports such as hurling, chess or fly fishing, there are sports events tickets out there for sale.

Tickets can usually be obtained at club and semi-professional level from the club itself or the venue, and the less well known or high profile the event, generally the cheaper the ticket. You may find however at smaller venues that there is no choice of where to sit if indeed, there are any seats at all: it could be all standing.

For major sporting events such as the races or international matches, again you should be able to obtain tickets from the venue, but you may also find better deals from the various ticketing agencies. Try Seatwave, Viagogo, Ticketmaster, Ents24 and Ticketline and compare the prices: as these agencies are in direct competition with one another, they sometimes have great deals. Do be aware however that they often charge a booking fee. Check the small print next to the booking form if you are doing it via the website.

Alternatively you could apply for public draws. Not all events do these, but the Wimbledon tennis tournament is one such major event which does. You will need to apply up to 12 months before the event. Your name is entered into the draw for tickets for each day of play. If you are lucky,you will get a pair of tickets.

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