Tiger Woods is the greatest golfer of all time! In fact, no! he’s possibly the greatest sportsman of all time. He has single handedly transformed not only the image of golf (how many other golfers can you name? Nick Faldo doesn't count), but has also been at the forefront of image, style and sponsorship deals across all sports. However, due to his poor driving skills and, more importantly his lack of ability to keep Wee Willy Winky in his trousers, his world has turned upside down.

Since crashing his car into a fire hydron on Thanksgiving outside his Florida home Tiger Woods has kept a low public profile, that is until today when he addressed the world with a 15 minute begging apology for his actions. In his near-to-tears scripted apology he said he cheated on his wife, denied claims that his wife had hit him, insisted that the press leave his wife & kids alone and said he intended to play golf again, but didn't say (or know) when.

The other 14 minutes 23 seconds were made up of embarrassing apologies. He failed to respond to enquiries about changing his name to Cheetah Woods. Spoilsport.

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