SPL Champions League Blow

Although named the Champions League, the definitive European footballing competition is ironically made up of a lot of teams who weren’t champions of their respective league. Case in point: ‘the big four’ in the Premiership who all automatically qualify. Across the border in Scotland it’s not quite the same. Instead it’s almost always been ‘the big two’ who (after a preliminary) can enter the lucrative Champions League. However, due to poor results for Scottish teams in the Europa League from next season 2011-12 only one team will qualify for the Champions League.

UEFA have announced that Belgium has taken the 15th spot in the pecking order over Scotland thanks to good European results for Anderlecht and Standard Liege. In what is a bitter to blow to Scottish football (well, Rangers or Celtic), the announcement also means that the outright champions in SPL will now have three qualifying rounds before they enter the Champions League proper.

With both Rangers & Celtic’s financial difficulties well publicised, winning the league has now become even more important. Could this be the kick up the jacksie that makes the SPL one of the great footballing leagues? Probably not.

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