Spielberg boycotts Beijing

Steven Spielberg is no longer the artistic advisor for the Beijing Olympics, saying China’s continuing support of Sudan left him no choice. Or something like that.

Good on yer, Steve. Although, we’re pretty annoyed that the opening ceremony will now inevitably be downgraded. Apparently, 250,000 Chinese children were to swoop over the stadium on BMX bikes showering the crowd with rose petals. Then an enormous boulder was to have crashed through one end of the stadium with Harrison Ford running behind it with the Olympic flag. He was to have thrown the torch into a Nazi ammunition dump and blown the roof off the stadium to reveal a gigantic space ship playing a message of peace.

Now a Chinese Olympic spokesperson says the ceremony will consist of a 15-minute demonstration of Falun Gong.

Hang on a mo, isn’t Falun Gong banned over there?

(Image: from YouTube

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