Spend some money? On who?

Arsene Wenger has lashed out at those slagging off his transfer policy, by asking who it is exactly that he should spend Arsenal's money on? It's a fair question.

Arsenal are preparing for tonight's Champions League qualifier against Udinese, with Wenger under increasing pressure to spend the number transfer kitty that he has at his disposal, in order to bolster their defence and strengthen a midfield that is now missing two of their best players – including their captain Cesc Fabregas. With his departure to Barcelona finally done and dusted, the Gunners have some holes to plug, but Wenger wants to make sure that he has the right player for the job before he commits cash.

'Everybody says to me, 'Buy' and I'm not against it,' Wenger said. 'But when I ask, 'Who?' then there is a no-man's land.

'What I want to say is we are not frightened to spend money but we have to be convinced that the player is better than what we have. Just spending money is not a target that is defendable. I don't know if you watched our two centre-backs (Laurent Koscielny and Thomas Vermaelen) at Newcastle on Saturday but I'm not convinced we have a lack of quality there.'

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