Spectacular cheating

We’re always keen to refrain from national sporting stereotypes here. You know the sort of stuff we’re on about: the Germans are smooth and efficient; the Brits are all fire and brimstone, with little brains; and the Latins are all crafty showboaters, who would do literally anything in order to get you booked or sent off, unless it was something to their mothers, who they worship as Gods.

However, your Latins really are all like that on the sports field, so we’re going to indulge ourselves in a spot of stereotype reinforcing – in the interests of anthropological research, you understand. The clip below is taken from a U20s football match between Ecuador and Chile, in which Chile’s Bryan Carrasco excels himself in the cheating stakes: watch him win a free-kick by grabbing an opponent’s hand, hitting himself with it and then rolling around on the floor. Then watch how the ref is fooled, and fear for the downfall of civilisation.

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