Spanish football strikes set to continue

Last week we reported that the Spanish football season was to be delayed by a player's strike, after their union (AFE) and the league (LFP) failed to reach an agreement on unpaid players' wages. Now it looks like the strike is set to continue, meaning poor old Scott Minto isn't going to get any telly time. Poor chap; won't anybody think of the real victims here?

The AFE wants a guaranteed fund for players who find their clubs going bust, and given that Spanish clubs owe around €50million to over 200 players, it doesn't strike us as a particularly bad idea. Players from the top two divisions have already announced strike action for the first two weeks of the league season, and now it go on for even longer.

'The problem is not solved,' the AFE director, Luis Gil, said. 'I understand that people want to watch football, but we must think about the players who are suffering. I would be more optimistic, but I cannot.

'Presently, I can only speak of a strike for the second round of matches. And it will remain in place if we cannot find agreement on all points. We made another proposal and now must see if an agreement can be reached.'

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