Spalding basketball: a respected basketball brand

Spalding was the first sporting company to standardise and manufacture basketballs for official use. The company developed its first basketballs for professional play as well as recreation play in 1894. Since that time, Spalding has continued to manufacture dedicated basketballs.

Spalding Basketball

Over the years, Spalding has built a solid reputation as a basketball provider. The company has manufactured the official U.S NBA (National Basketball Association) game balls since 1983. The U.S Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) and American Basketball Association (ABA) also have long-standing contract deals with the ball maker. Moreover, in 2010 Spalding became the official ball provider for the Australian basketball league NBL.


While Spalding has grown into a reputable brand name and a benchmark for consistency and excellence over the years, it has not been without a share of challenges. In June 2006, for example, Spalding had plans to introduce a new official game ball in the NBA for the 2006 season.

However, widespread complaints about the new balls were launched by stakeholders and elite players that forced the company and the NBA to abandon continued use of the new balls. In December of the same year, however, the NBA announced it would revert to the old leather model for the 2007 season. Spalding remained the official NBA ball maker for the 2007 Ball4Real World Tour.

Bottom Line

Spalding sporting company enjoys enviable global recognition and market penetration. To date, Spalding is the leading basketball provider for the consumer market as well as different major ball leagues around the world.

Nonetheless, Spalding faces stiff competition from other reputable brand basketball manufactures, including Nike, Wilson, Rawlings and the Japanese sporting goods manufacturer Molten.

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