Sowing the seeds

England have been confirmed as being seeded for the draw for next summer’s World Cup in South Africa, giving them a great chance of avoiding any terrible group of death scenario. Fabio Cappello’s side have been put in the same pot as international heavyweights Brazil, Germany, Spain and Argentina, as well as the current holders, Italy.

Fears that the seeding would have been based on Fifa’s world ranking system – which would have placed England in Pot 2 – proved to be unfounded, and they will now avoid any of the tournament’s heavy hitters until the knock-out stages, where they will no doubt go out heroically on penalties, while the nation cries wet, salty tears of woe. Can’t wait! Anyway, the seedings look like this:

Pot 1 (seeds) South Africa, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Spain, England, Argentina, Holland.

Pot 2 (Asia, Oceania and North/Central America) Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Mexico, Honduras.

Pot 3 (Africa and South America) Ivory Coast, Ghana, Cameroon, Nigeria, Algeria, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay.

Pot 4 (Europe) France, Portugal, Slovenia, Switzerland, Greece, Serbia, Denmark, Slovakia.

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