Southampton's could be deducted 10 points

They were only in the Premier League four years ago, but Southampton look to be on borrowed time after the shares in the club's parent company, Southampton Leisure Holdings, were suspended.

If the company's financial problems end up putting the club into administration, they will be liable to have a ten point penalty at the start of next season.

Right now the club is three points from safety in the Championship, so they'll be happy that they haven't been punished now. There is also a small light at the end of the tunnel; if the company goes into administration instead of the club it could avoid the points deduction. Hmmmm.

'The company is currently in discussions with a number of parties concerning the injection of additional finance into its business,' Southampton Leisure Holdings said in a statement, while clearing his desk. 'Unless this funding is secured, the company will be unable to continue as a viable business for the forthcoming 12 months.' What this means for the club is still unknown, but even Pompey fans wouldn't want this club to go under, right?

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