South Korean goalie scores against Ivory Coast

It's been a quiet few months on the goalkeeping blunders front with nothing happening ever since Argentinian net minder Agustin Orion decided to play a game of keepy-uppies in his own box back in May. Thankfully the drought has finally been ended thanks to the combined efforts of South Korea keeper Jung Sung-Ryong and his Ivory Coast counterpart.

Taking a leaf out of Steve Goodwin's book, Jung Sung-Ryong launched the ball from his own half towards the Ivory Coast box. With the African defenders each leaving the ball to the next man it took a lovely bounce of the turf straight over the head of everyone and into the back of the net.

South Korea won the U23 international 2-1 in what was an embarrassing defeat for the Ivory Coast ahead of their participation in the Beijing Olympics. They'll be hoping that there are no super extra bouncy pitches to go hand in hand with the much written about smog at the games.

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